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COVID-19 Information:

According to WHO (World Health Organization), COVID-19 is spread by air droplets or direct contact with infected people, or by indirect contact with a surface that an infected person has touched. 

After the information and advice given from The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy and Public Health England, we are taking extra precautions, reinforcing and implementing measures to reduce the risk of COVID-19 infection. The safety of our clients, our staff and their families is our priority.

Measures in place to reduce the risk of infection:

​- All our clients and members of their household will be screened for COVID-19 prior to the face to face session, as well as on arrival.

- All the contact surface are cleaned between appointments.

- The room will be ventilated between appointments.

- Therapists will be wearing PPE (personal protective equipment).

- Clients will be requested to sanitise the hands on entering and leaving the room.

- Clients will be requested to bring a face mask and wear it during the session.

- Do not bring anyone else with you to the appointment unless absolutely necessary. 



Following the booking of your session, we will contact you to complete the COVID-19 screening questionnaire, prior to attending your appointment. This will be likely on the day before or on the exact day of your appointment. 

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